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Apr - 2 - 2012
Paul Alexander

Food for the morning. I think it’s the easiest breakfast to cook.

Eggs contain a lot of minerals and important nutrients. Also, the amino acid spectrum is complete, providing us with quality proteins. Forget the old cholesterol myth, because quality eggs have a positive impact upon health.

How can we tell which are the good eggs and which are the fool eggs? :D

Choose organic or buy from the farmers’ markets. However, the is not a bullet-proof solution. The fowl could be fed with grains and other compounds that lower the nutritional quality of the egg. Get a wide variety of eggs, like turkey, quail, or the mighty ostrich. So, try eggs from more sources and see which fits in these categories:

  • hard shell
  • bright yellow yolk
  • intense, subtle smell, not rotten
  • great taste
  • yolk doesn’t spread out when you break the egg

I enjoy omelette with cheese and bacon. Veggies like tomatoes, onions, pickles and many other work with these easy-to-cook wonders.

How do you like yours?


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