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Mar - 20 - 2012
Paul Alexander

Probably my favourite group. Delicious and nutritious! You can eat them at any time of the day or as a snack. What I like to do is eat an apple or pear in the morning on an empty stomach, because it helps digestion and the nutrients and juices from the fruits get absorbed faster in the body, because the stomach is empty.

I love bananas! I am bananas :D . But tropical fruits are usually collected raw and ripe on the way to the supermarket or as bananas, they’re put in a chamber where they gas them with substances as ethylene and you can guess that’s not quite natural. There are ways to spot if a tropical fruit is natural. For example, bananas which are yellow and soft are better or my favourite, dark yellow with small round black spots which sweet and soft. Mangos have a coloured peel, more red than green and are not rock hard. You get point, feel the texture, smell it, squeeze it, taste it.  Buy it, try it and figure it out for yourself.

Other fruits like melons, apples, plums, berries go the seasonal way for me. I eat them in the summertime or autumn, whenever they’re ripe. They are way more delicious this way, contain more antioxidants and less chemical compounds.

Eat the wide variety of the rainbow for more flavour and the delicious beneficial compounds for the body. Most fruits contain a lot of water. People stress how important water and hydration is for us and it is. However, if you consume large amounts of fruits and veggies, don’t worry about drinking water like crazy.

Have a fruity day!

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  1. Jodie Stein says:

    When grocery shopping for your fruits, whether it is for your snack during the day or a healthy treat at night, choose the smallest fruits. Many apples, pears, bananas and oranges are large and contain more calories and sugars. Pick the smallest ones. Plums, clementines and kiwifruits are good options because they are naturally small. A serving of either of these small fruits provides between 30 and 42 calories, 0.9 and 2.1 g of fiber and 6.2 and 6.8 g of sugars.

  2. PLATANOThese are plantains. In Bolivia we call the common table banana you can find everywhere a “platano”. Therefore, so as to not cause any confusion, we call the plantain a “platano postre” (dessert banana) although we usually eat it as a side with our main meals. Plantains when green are not sweet at all and are hard. These are good cut and fried and salted (most commonly used to make banana chips too). Once they’ve ripened and become yellow, the plantain is very sweet!

  3. Wm O. Lane says:

    Acid fruits taste great, are usually quite high in water content, and tend to be low in calories. Anyone in a hurry to lose weight should fill up on low-calorie acid fruit like oranges and grapefruit instead of more calorie-dense fruit like bananas.

  4. Joni Spence says:

    thanks, you still eat those fruits even if they are not very sweet, I will try the lemon juice on it! the time i learn how to be sure to choose good melons.

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