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Milk & Cookies

Mar - 27 - 2012
Paul Alexander

Love milk and dairy. Milk is my favourite drink after water. Tasty, nutritious and sweet.

I go for the natural, raw milk that I buy from the farmers’ markets. Same goes for the butter and cream. It’s obvious why I love the natural products, first of all they taste way better than the packed dairy products in stores. After you have some of the real thing, you realise that the stuff on the shelves is white coloured water.

Second thing about packed dairy is that it’s pasteurised or homogenized, which is a big no-no for me. The healthy fats, the calcium and other minerals get lost during processes like these. By the way, do you feel it’s natural for milk to stay unspoiled on shelves for weeks, even months? But I guess it’s all good when it comes to profit. :-)

The animals in the industrial farms are pumped with drugs to get more out of them, faster, easier, cheaper. Forget antibiotics, there’s plenty of them in packed food.

Return to Nature and support real people that care about the animals.Provide yourself with nutrients and the love that the animals have felt. You know the story about cows and how their milk is better when they hear classical music. Can you feel how this influences you?

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  1. Joey says:

    Planks are fantastic! Google pernsoa it to see what it looks like, I know it sounds simple but planks are really excellent. If you can do pressups, even on the knees to start with:45sec-1min plank on feet5 pressups on knees or feet3 mins of skipping rope to get cardio vacant10 burpes with a small jump when standing up45sec -1min plank on feet, aim for 1min and drop to knees when tired5 pressups on knees or feet10 burpes with a small jump when standing upIf you repeat similar things, the thought is you want to exhaust yourself without getting sore and not puffed so mixing up the above so you are puffed and are using arms a lot you will find that burpes and pressups don’t usually work the core too much, but once you throw in 50 situps or a 1min plank and then go straight down into pressups you will be able to work the arms and continue to work the abs for longer. I have read that planks are just as useful as hundreds of situps.

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