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Science, Spirituality, and Health

Jul - 5 - 2012
Paul Alexander

I want to cover the realms of health & fitness from more perspectives than just the old food and working out.

In my opinion the biggest factor that influence our looks, health, and mood is our consciousness and the thoughts and intentions we create with our Infinite power.

This is the age of information and we are conditioned to think in rational terms. We are disconnected from our inner self, the real place of healing, happiness, and love.

Quantum mechanics shows us weird, but fascinating attributes of our reality, or what we perceive as reality. It studies subatomic particles and how they behave. Subatomic particles can in 2 or more places at once, they have particle-like and wave-like behaviour, and most importantly, when observed by conscious beings, like humans, they behave differently. Just by observing these tiny, minuscule blocks of what we perceive as matter, they change their properties and behaviour. Everything we see is made up of these tiny bits of matter.

Quote from John Hagelin, Particle Physicist, Ph. D.:

“The tighter physics have tried to grasp on to physical reality, to understand what it’s really made of, what are the core building blocks of life at the basis of it all… life, the universe, slips through your fingers. And you come up with something that’s increasingly abstract, to come to the realm of pure abstraction. And that’s what the unified field is; pure abstract potential. Pure abstract being. Pure abstract self-aware consciousness, which rises in waves of vibration to give rise to the particles, the people, everything we see in the vast universe.”

 Ain’t that something? Now, what where the ancients telling us for thousands of years, about God, the Universe?

They messages were simple, everything is connected, EVERYTHING is ONE. One infinite, boundless consciousness. This is what science is currently unravelling. What we knew deep in our hearts all along we are now demonstrating through mathematical equations and science. The conclusion is that everything you see, hear, touch, smell, feel, and everything you can’t see is consciousness, or God, or whatever you like to call it, because it transcends all religions and belief systems.

We are powerful creators, and the quality of our lives depends on our beliefs and emotions. No matter how ill you are, unsatisfied with your looks, or unpleased with some part of your life, it is the belief and the emotions attached to that belief that will change it for better or worse.

If you want to change your life in any manner, go within your heart, visualise what you want and feel the emotion that is generated from that experience. Feel it as it had already happened, as if you are there, as if you are that person and feel that certain way, because that event took place in your life.

Then, get to action!


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  1. With the advent of nanotechnology , nanodevices may be used in Von Neumman probes and much more. As I explain elsewhere , there are practically no limits to nanomachines. The key concept is to send them to other star systems where they can use energy sources to build new spaceships. It will become an exponential process of propagation of human existence. Outposts will be built on strategic planets or asteroids in each surrounding star system, and even on any celestial body not orbiting a star. They will then inform us about the other planets in the system and the possibility of life. If we find it appropriate we can order certain planets to be terraformed. Artificial Intelligences (AIs) will most likely be much evolved by this time, which means we’ll have an entity more intelligent than us in the spaceship. This computer would have to make many decisions on its own because it would take years to communicate with earth. It would also need to take into account the possibility of finding other life forms . From earth we would later send humans to colonize the other star systems.

  2. This is a prediction that was made almost 50 years ago. And the prediction is that the universe, everywhere, empty space, everywhere you look, every little cubic centimetre of space in front of you and inside your body and across the universe, is rammed full of Higgs particles, and everything that makes up your body, the little subatomic particles in your hand, are bouncing off them, and that’s how they get their mass.

  3. God the sub atomic particle is in a sense caring yet destructive. It creates a world for us, it makes everything. subatomic particles together can be formed to create other things that kill life or can save lives. However we are at the whims of god/subatomic particles because there is no world without it. your perspective of god is that it is a enetity. Mine is that it is actually the most basic, purest, smallest but most genuis thing out there. because god can be the mountains, god can be the trees, it is everywhere, god can be my heart, my body, my blood. It is everything as so is a subatomic particle, my idea is that god has just been mis identified. as a entity. I believe god is just the most basic, simplest, yet complexed, purest thing , but genuis thing out there. Subatomic particles are just amazing on how they create the world together even though individually they are nothing.

  4. What is it? Modern physics presumes everything is made up of atoms, and inside atoms are electrons, protons and neutrons. They, in turn, are made of quarks and other subatomic particles. Scientists have long puzzled over how these minute building blocks of the universe acquire mass. Without mass, particles wouldn’t hold together and there would be no matter. In the 1960s, British physicist Peter Higgs and others theorized that a new particle must be creating a “sticky” field that acts as a drag on other particles. The atom-smashing experiments at CERN, the European Center for Nuclear Research, have now captured a glimpse of what appears to be just such a Higgs-like particle.

  5. The controversy between the origin of the Universe, according to the Bible, and the God particle to explain the origin of the Universe and of life is, at the present moment, a hyperbole suggesting that without the God particle we wouldn’t exist. That’s why scientists are upset at the name God particle that distorts the real meaning of their scientific research and does not give honor to the discovery of the Higgs boson. We are taking our first steps through a scientific method, the Standard model, to describe with exactitude the behavior of subatomic particles with diverse masses. We still have to understand dark matter, and to recreate this phenomenon through the very expensive Large Hadron Collider that will allow scientists to understand the behavior of matter after the Big Bang .

    • Science is a metaphor, just like Spirituality, or all the Religions in the world. They are meant to show the path to what buddhists called the Truth.
      This truth, of life, the Universe and all consciousness is reachable only through experience.
      I think the scientific community is spending tremendous amounts of money and resources to explain a theory studied in a lab, away from the natural cycle of life.
      The behavior of matter is an illusion which only the left brain, analytic mind chases. Consciousness molds matter (which is light, btw) in any shape or form, only we have been distracted from this natural ability. In so, the way our consciousness evolves, so does the whole planetary ecosystem, responding specifically to the dominant brain waves of the planet and solar system.

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