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The Animal

Feb - 29 - 2012
Paul Alexander

We love, cherish, worship it for thousands of years. Animals symbolise prosperity, love. power, and so many other things. But our main interest in it is nourishment.

It nourishes our bodies with the nutrients and energy that it has accumulated during its lifetime. From fish to cattle, each has something to offer us. It could be its flesh or its “gifts”, like roe or milk.

Each of us gets bombarded daily with information and recipes for health and wellness, but sometimes we feel confused. Someone is saying one thing, while the other is preaching the opposite. There is a whole cult of vegans and vegetarians, which say that fruits and veggies are the only way to great health and fitness. It’s true, for some people, but I enjoy stake, I love some turkey, I dig fish. If you love a good ol’ barbecue with friends, do it! Restraining your body from the gifts and pleasantries of life will result in frustration.

We know that animals played a tremendous role in our evolutionary development. Our brain grew in size and our digestive system shrank, because of the full amino-acid spectrum, healthy fats, minerals, and other beneficial nutrients. Also, we acquired new skills. We learned to forge weapons to hunt the prey, we developed strategies to be efficient and we bonded more, because of the team effort. Obviously, the myth about meat has a false foundation.

The concern is about the way animals are treated, what they are fed, and the kind of environment they grow in. It’s common sense that natural and beneficial conditions should be available for all species and members of the species. Also, the “lifestyle” of the creature has an impact on our health. This happens because the food, treatment, energy that it received transfers to us. It is on of the principles of our Universe, nothing vanishes, everything is in constant motion or evolution.

I recommend shopping from the farmers’ markets, because the food is of greater quality there. It’s natural, grown with less chemicals and in beneficial environments. Enjoy what excites you. It may be beef, fowl, pork, goat, wild prey, fish. Buy fish that were caught in the ocean, lakes, or rivers. Avoid buying fish that were grown in aquacultures, because they contain a lot of metals, like mercury or aluminium from the contaminated water. A lower amount of toxins can be found in smaller fish, because they eat plants, unlike big fish which feed with other marine species and accumulate toxins.

Take a bite of liver. Eat organs like the heart or brain. Through cultures of our planet, organs are recognised as the best part of the animal. And it is true, because organs contain high amounts of the B12 complex vitamins, iron, and many other mineral and nutrients.

If you have moral issues concerning this topic, I understand. Killing or sacrificing an animal to eat it may seem cruel. But remember, vegetables, fruits, and grains are also alive, but we don’t perceive it that way. The animal has another level of awareness compared to the plants, which acts through signals that are sent into the environment. So, we identify more with the animal, because regarding consciousness, it is much closer to us than the plant. But it’s still LIFE. Another thing that you should realise is that this planet and the Universe we live in is based on interconnectedness. It’s not survival of the fittest, as we once thought, but it is dependence on other beings and things out in the environment that promote each other and life.

Is meat for you? Deep down you know it. Listen to no one, but yourself. Your body tells you everything. Just close your eyes, turn off the mind for 5 minutes and listen.

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3 Responses so far.

  1. Florin says:

    nimik mai adevarat decat ce spui tu.
    o alimentatie completa trebuie sa contina carne, fie ca ne place idea sau nu.
    nu stiu daca au existat sportivi d eperformanta vegetarieni care sa aiba rezultate nemaipomenite… poate or fi exceptii, nu zic nu …
    in ziua de azi problema e ca nu mai gasim produse naturale, totul e artificial crescut… chimizat, tratat… si toate chestiile alea mici care nici nu pot fi pronuntate fara sa ai cunostinte in chimie, ajung in ficatul nostru …si in celulele noastre …
    ne mai intrebam ce e cancerul si alte afectiuni imunologice….

  2. mercadeo says:

    Animals, especially domesticated animals, exhibit numerous attributes some of which are love, hate, unselfishness, pride, jealousy, loyalty, body and verbal language, friendship, reasoning abilities, memory, foresight of consequences, and a sense of moral responsibility, all of which belong to the spirit and not the body. Animals posses knowledge, intellect, thoughts, dreaming abilities, physical and emotional feelings, and free will. Instinct is also a very strong attribute of the soul, and it is superior to man. They receive their knowledge/instinct directly from God and are governed by the same physical and mental laws as man.

  3. Eli T. Wade says:

    Professionally-trained helper animals–such as guide dogs for the blind–offer obvious benefits to humans. However, the average domestic pet, such as a dog, cat–even a goldfish–can also provide us with many therapeutic benefits. Pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide us with unconditional love and affection.

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