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May - 16 - 2012
Paul Alexander

How basic. How much we neglect it or ignore it. It’s key element in the composition of organic matter.

Besides the regular ol’ advice of drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, there are a few more interesting facts about water.

There is a guy called Massaru Emoto who has done a few interesting experiments with water and how it changes its molecular structure just from words and emotions that are directed to it. Prayers, negative or positive emotions were directed to the water and the water was frozen after. Emoto took pictures of the water after prayers, positive and negative emotions to see the changes.


             Before Prayer                               After Prayer     


There is a lot of criticism around the subject, because it’s not quite scientific. I tend to believe it’s as scientific as it could get. Everyday we talk to people and interact with them. Depending on how we feel and how the interaction goes we influence each other’s emotions and states. If I fight with my girlfriend, our state of being is tense. However, if I am calm, loving, and tender, her mood will be influenced in a positive manner, even if she feels down, angry, or depressed.

So, if we influence the emotions and the state of being of the people around us, this can be manifested in the physical changes that occur in matter. Do karate masters that break bricks and do all kinds of crazy stuff influence their perceptions, their emotions, and their physical bodies to feel no pain and imagine the brick as being something soft which they easily break with their hand? You bet!

Our consciousness and our emotions have a great deal of influence upon our physical world. Just something to ponder.

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  1. Your brain makes it happend.

    • Is it the brain or is it consciousness itself, the Divine Spark within all of us?
      In my opinion, the brain is the interface between consciousness and our physical bodies + the world around us.

      Simply put, we could define consciousness as the eternal witness to everything.
      Think about it, if I think anything, who is aware of the thoughts? We know we are aware of our own thoughts, but who is the observer?

  2. and that mechanisms such as working-memory appear to have a strong influence. Second, the claim that this knowledge occurs through preventive marker signals is not supported by competing explanations of the psychophysiology generated profile.

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