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What is food ? … and matter

Nov - 25 - 2012
Paul Alexander

Well, it’s obvious we eat for sustenance. Our bodies create energy out of the things we ingest. So it seems natural that if we eat poor food the we would get a poor lifestyle.

But what is food? Food is matter, like any other object in our world. But what is physical matter and how should physical matter that we ingest be? By our definitions matter is everything that we perceive around us and it is made by different, smaller and smaller building blocks. Our so called science says that everything is made of atoms, but when we look at quantum physics, it states that everything is made of practically nothing :lol: . Or, to put it in more detail, everything that we observe changes drastically because we just looked at it. So, we get anomalies which contradict our western logical paradigm, in which one thing must be in one state or the other, positioned in one specific place or another.

Well, science may look like dash and glamor, but the eastern philosophers from India, Tibet, China have known these attributes of our so called solid world since the dawn of what we think as civilization. Our current mindset is starting to understand that no object can be divided into smaller chunks to analyze it and draw conclusions of it, because it is a part of one unified, never ending field, which is only energy and we call it the Universe.

Now, science is a great thing. It is a strive to look at our surroundings and the way the world works from an objective point of view, without emotional or mind related constructs attached to the data. But as soon as we analyze the building blocks of physical matter an anomaly sets in place, matter responds to the intent and observation of the observer. That’s weird, I might be inclined to say that every thing you or I say is subjective and science is a subjective discipline too. That means that, each theory is attributed to the person that enunciated it. That would be a mind blowing paradox, it would mean that gravity is not an objective force, but only subjective. In that case, gravity would only work if you and I believed it did(consciously or unconsciously). So, that explains it in pretty simple terms, when you think about levitating monks, people walking on fire, unexplainable miracles.

Hell yeah, that’s got a lot to do with what we perceive to be food. Because everything we see, taste, touch, hear, smell is just a perception of our central nervous system. It tells us that this is cold and that is hot. And our central nervous system is just like a software program. If the program runs with fire is hot and ice is cold you and I will perceive exactly that. If somehow we can rewrite this code, miracles can take place.

Everything is transformable energy. So, even if our food choices are not that favorable we can still strive to live healthy. This is why there has been a tradition to give thanks before and after a meal. In theory, this is how popes bless water, wine and bread. Through your intention, before and after each meal, you modify the molecular structure of your food and the way your body breaks it down and eliminates it. To our senses the food looks exactly the same, but at an energetic level, it is quite different.

Of course I love and recommend that you eat natural, organic products from Nature, not industrialized crops. If you can grow your own food, the better.

Oh well, knowing all this, do we really need food? I wonder

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  1. We can understand how the brain works. The brain is a natural phenomenon that we can easily investigate with our science. We will learn more and more about the brain. We will eventually work out a very detailed model of the brain. We may even be able to reproduce the brain molecule by molecule. But we will never be able to figure out how emotions arise from the unconscious matter that makes up the brain.

    • Emotions arise by consciousness which is you and I. It is not a specific area of the body, it is a whole working system, the whole body.
      The brain is just the projection “device”, which builds up the collective reality of a whole ecosystem, like our planet. To look for awareness in the brain is like looking for the image in the monitor or projector.

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